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Quatrafoil Window, Linen Closet, Lovely Bath!

The Owner of this lovely home wanted some Cool Custom Features in the Bathroom she was renovating - she had a couple of pictures she cut out of magazines - one of a special clover-shaped window, a Quatrafoil Window, you know, kinda like the ones in some church in Someplace Called Chartres or something, but maybe a little more Simple - and another clipping of a kinda neat Linen Closet from someplace, with funny "X" mullions... Anyway, Her ability to pull design features together is... well... Look at the video, and You Decide (I'm kinda biased): Some interesting details about these elements in this lovely Renovated Bath: -The quatrafoil windows add outside light into the back staircase which

Here's A Fantastic Boating Idea For Cape Ann!!

"Reconnecting Coastal Families, Neighborhoods, Clubs and Schools Back to our Harbors and Boat-Building" CLICK HERE to check out the PDF from Bolger & Friends! I wish I had done this kind of sailing when I was a kid... A wonderful option to single and double handed one designs for those who want to have a broader sailing experience, cruising, family company, occasional overnighting, pirate adventures, beaching at will and drying out at will - Some Very Cool features, like the lexan window on the bottom to see what's going on Down There! Is your school looking for a project to illustrate its STEM* program? This is PERFECT! Can we build a few for Your Yacht Club??!! Give us a Call - 978-768-01

Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu!

Groweth sed and bloweth med And springeth the wde nu, Sing cuccu! It's Been a Long Wait for Spring - Here it is almost Cinco de Mayo, May the Fourth-Be-With-You, actually, And we Finally have the First Warm day of 2015! We visited one of our Customer's Home this afternoon - where we helped build a Lovely Long Arbor, many years ago... and helped her execute her idea for a Fountain... There is an Amazing Lack of Greenery here.... but Never Fear... It will come... Amazing Space in her back yard! Stay Tuned! We'll show you what it looks like when everything is in Full Bloom...(turn up your volume...you'll wanna hear the peaceful sound of the fountain... really.)

Two Beautiful Italian Women...Wow! That's Amore!! or "The more Venetian the Basin activiti

Boy, were we Ever Lucky to meet these two Wonderful Ladies, Maria and Firenze... What an Honor to work with this pair! Born in Venice, and currently living in Boston... ...and Romancing Everyone They Meet! Even Us... Gondola di Venezia has been offering couples and groups an Extrodinary Taste of Italian Culture since 2001 along the beautiful Charles River Basin. Visit their website for details about how you and yours can Melt Into The Evening with Roses, Candles, Musical Senenades, Champagne and Stuzzichino (appetizers), All while you Lounge on Luxurious Cushioned and Carpeted Seats in the Center of the Gondolas, Gently being Rowed along the Charles while the Sun Illuminates the Boston Sk

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