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Here's A Fantastic Boating Idea For Cape Ann!!

"Reconnecting Coastal Families, Neighborhoods, Clubs and Schools Back to our Harbors and Boat-Building"

I wish I had done this kind of sailing when I was a kid...

A wonderful option to single and double handed one designs for those who want to have a broader sailing experience, cruising, family company, occasional overnighting, pirate adventures, beaching at will and drying out at will - Some Very Cool features, like the lexan window on the bottom to see what's going on Down There!

Is your school looking for a project to illustrate its STEM* program? This is PERFECT!

Can we build a few for Your Yacht Club??!!

Give us a Call - 978-768-0161

NB: Recently updated plans show centerboard, kick-up rudder, sleeping platforms - and At Least 80% built with Green, Sustainable, and Locally Sourced Materials... Priceless! And It Just Makes Sense!!


* STEM programs - Go Get A Grant!

-Let your Physics and Chemistry teachers tell your kids how a boat sails upwind, and what epoxy is all about -and why WOOD is Such Great Stuff! Lots of ways to learn from This boating experience! AND... then there is Navigation! Weather! And How To Fish For Your Dinner!!

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