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Quatrafoil Window, Linen Closet, Lovely Bath!

The Owner of this lovely home wanted some Cool Custom Features in the Bathroom she was renovating - she had a couple of pictures she cut out of magazines - one of a special clover-shaped window, a Quatrafoil Window, you know, kinda like the ones in some church in Someplace Called Chartres or something, but maybe a little more Simple - and another clipping of a kinda neat Linen Closet from someplace, with funny "X" mullions... Anyway, Her ability to pull design features together is... well... Look at the video, and You Decide (I'm kinda biased):

Some interesting details about these elements in this lovely Renovated Bath:

-The quatrafoil windows add outside light into the back staircase which otherwise has no natural light ascending three floors; the wall/s into which the windows were installed were of two different thicknesses, but the windows were build with double privacy glass with equal reveals from each wall face so they present in a way that does not emphasize this difference.

-The linen closet is almost to the ceiling, with an oversized crown molding which hides subdued lighting; inside the cabinet is a "chase" which covers pipes and ductwork from another bathroom above this one -

And FYI... This is a Quatrafoil window at the Chartres Cathedral, about 80 miles south of Paris - One of four Stained Glass windows depicting the Story of Joseph, and made in the Early 13th century... a destination for pilgrims then, and now.

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