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A Boat for All Seasons... Bolger Cartopper

There has been A Lot written about this little boat - and it has been built So Many times by folks who desire to get on the water and enjoy themselves. The Designer, Phil Bolger, got this little craft Right - And Wise Marine is building them for people to use right now. We chose this design because it is a little of everything: Rows well, Sails well, Motors well! Very transportable, even Cartoppable! Just Right for exploring the Great Marsh around Cape Ann! Order yours today and get your choice of color! FOR SALE NOW!! FOR SALE!! NEW BOLGER CARTOPPER $3,750 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL $2,995 11’ 6” long and 4’ wide. Hull weighs 80lbs! Complete! Sail! Row! Motor! It’s All Here! SAILING: Removable

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