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What about some simple shelves around the Washer and Dryer?

Ok... I'll go for that. So, what do we have to work with? Well, this is a small space, but check out these two pictures:

Ok. That'll do for now...

I have the dimensions, so what do you think about this first pass at an answer, based on your description about what you want, of course:

Ohhh. I'm getting it. Ok. How about this?

Great! Lemme get to work on it - and check out this final drawing. I've tightened up a few dimensions and made things look a little more symetrical:

I'll get the materials tomorrow, and get to work on all this Right Away! Ok, and I'll do the floor and paint the wall, too.

Talk to You Later!

There! All done!

Onsite with the plans - click here for pdf

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