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Garage Workbench, Cabinets, and Recycling Center

What a joy it is to know that everything has a place and that place is easy to put things into and will stay Neat and Tidy!

All the gardening tools, pots, soils fertilizers, seeds...

All the separate recyclables, with the right size bags or boxes, and easy access, and kept Tidy...!

We have the Process Down!!

Using the same design software that California Closets uses, we will work with you to create just what you need to make better use of your garage and make your life a tiny bit easier and a tiny bit more tidy.

Look at these before and after pics - the material is maple plywood with a tough polyurethane finish - matches a lot of Garage Decors!! But the point is to get just what you need, so give us a call!



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