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Custom Electrical Panels

Working with Voyager Marine and MMES Custom Panels, Wise Marine will make the installation of your electronics look SO much better than just using Starboard or having your boat captain jig saw out the holes you need. If you want to keep the OEM look of your boat after an upgrade, create some CUSTOM flair to your dashboard, or dial-in all your switches, instruments, and controls with LED back-lit labels - We can help you!

NOVATECH 55 - After!

NOVATECH 55 - Before!

TIARA 3900 SOVRAN - After the upgrade to the new digital displays, this before pic shows the failure of the Starboard in the upper right corner of display, and the not-so-special look:

Tiara sent us a bit of the custom gel-coat for this specific boat, and we made some solid fiberglass bezels, with the same radii as the rest of the dash:

Looking Good!

Got an idea to upgrade your electronics, and you want it to LOOK GREAT?? Give us a call, and we'll get the team working on your project!


A visit to MMES Custom Panels in Salem, NH, yesterday shows us some current projects out on the workbench - and a view of the two CNC machines that makes All This Magic...!

Check Out Voyager Marine for the latest marine electronics and installation! - CLICK HERE!

Check Out MMES for a Truly Custom Panel to make your boat Feel Proud! - CLICK HERE!

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