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She's adjusting pretty darn well to 66 john wise ave - even if she hasn't been outside too much. She did manage to slip out one evening a couple of weeks ago and we didn't see her for about five days... we kinda thought that was it... :( ...but she came back one evening, late... :) ...and has been given a clean bill of health by Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital. For 15 years old, she's great.

Since then, she looks out the open door during the day, might even take a step outside... but most of the day she's not evident - coming out in the evening, and wanting to make a break for it... So, since she's always been an outsider...

...we've put this in for her, out the back of the shop:

This gets one of THESE DOORS on the inside and another on the outside, at right angles to keep the wind from blowing straight in during the winter. Our wall is 2x6 framing with clapboard on the outside - click HERE for a pdf of these plans to add to your house.

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