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We Felt a Little Ding-y when we first saw this...

...because this looked Kinda Awful... But it was built by our customer's father, a long, long time ago, and No One was done with it yet. So, what to do... What to do...

Well, let's look carefully at what it is:

Not Bad, really - In Fact, it drips with Character - What a lovely design, and all the pieces are here - and even some ants living inside the centerboard -

But with a Nose Like This! ...we had some work to do!

So, Let's Jump Forward!

A Rejuvenated Nose...

And a Full Body Spa Treatment!

And Now the builder's Grandson goes solo -

and the Great-Grandchildren get go sailing in an Awsome boat with Lots and Lots of Family history to talk about - and it'll be around for a long, long time from now, for a few more "greats" - There will be Lots of Clapping for this Wonderful Boat!!

Congratulations To This Wonderful Family!

...and THANK YOU! for letting Wise Marine participate in such a fun project - it was an HONOR to contribute to preserving your Family Heirloom!

If you have an old thing, boat or otherwise, that Just Might Be Worthy of Preservation - Give Us a Call! 978-335-3194

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