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Half Model for Great Lakes Ore Carrier - Ship Plate Line Model

This half model is about 12' long, 14" high, and about 10" off the wall! Very carefully measured and marked for the shipyard to develop full size dimensions for the steel plating used to build the boat.

We are trying to find out more information about the shipyard that built this model, and the ships that carried so much tonnage across the Great Lakes, and about the ship itself. We are looking into museums around the Great Lakes... Any thoughts?

An interesting description of a shipyard's technical office, showing ship plate line models, with a description of how they were used in the ship building business.


Plating model, Detroit, Wyandotte Shipyard, Michigan, Charles Ernest Shepherd, Eddie and Anne McKenzie, 153" x 8.25"high, 12'9" x 7 7/8" x 81/4", landandseacollections.

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