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Design Competition!! Pam's Sugar Maple Treasure...

Ok! A Beautiful Sugar Maple in Pam's back yard was almost completely dead, only a couple of leaves left, and a lot of rot... it was time to cut it down. She had the presence of mind to Preserve the Wealth! She commissioned Master Craftsman, Kim Bartlett, from Essex, MA, to make bowls for family members. The wood has to sit for some time before it is stable enough to "turn", so it won't "check" or split. But she has more Boards and Planks Than She Knows What To Do With! How about some ideas, Folks! Some Wise Ideas for using this 250 year old Treasure Trove of lovely wood.... Submit your ideas HERE!

DSC_0012 (2).jpg
DSC_0011 (2).jpg
DSC_0010 (2).jpg
DSC_0009 (2).jpg
DSC_0008 (2).jpg

Sugar Maple is a lovely figured wood, with lots of color variations - google images for sugar maple bowls and sugar maple furniture.... Very Cool!

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