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Gremlin's Big Adventure!!

Gremlin is going to arrive at Wise Marine on December 2nd. The Andersons will get hard at work stripping all the hardware off the decks, and getting ready for the Deck Leak Remedy!

This could be a Children's Book: Gremlin's Big Adventure (appologies to Bill and Ted...) But there is a real reason that this really is a big adventure. Gremlin has not left Manchester's Winter Storage Soil in more than Six Decades! For the first time, Gremlin will have a chance to see the sights on roads other than Ashland Avenue. The trip to Essex will be monumental for her, Bridge Street, School Street, Southern Ave, to John Wise Ave - Coming to Wise Marine for a couple of months to have some tweaking to make cruising and hanging out in and around Salem Bay a little more enjoyable for everyone on board, particularly when it rains!

Engine came out Today!


Stay Tuned!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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