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In The Water Fiberglass Repair - A Damaged Bow

After the Nor' Easters last week, this large cat's dock chains broke and she wound up turned around, bumping into other boats, and getting her port bow gnawed by one of the errant chains - She is 48' long and 26' wide, so it ain't gonna be hauled anywhere on the North Shore right away.

Since it was going to take a few days and some travel to another port that could handle the boat to do the repair, we decided with the owner that it would be a good idea to seal the damaged area to limit any further ingress of water into the exposed laminate -

We dug into our tool kit and put the relatively new West System product, G/Flex to do the repair in the water - this epoxy Loves to cure when it is wet, and it sticks, really well, to surfaces that aren't too clean.

G/Flex has some very good characteristics that make it a good choice for difficult repairs - click HERE for some basic info.

Pics of the finished temporary patch -


For those of you who appreciate Process, check out this video of how to apply a G/Flex and fiberglass patch - UNDERWATER - and have it stick!

This works - we've done it.

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