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Mud Room Beverly

This family's Every Day entrance offered an opportunity to maximize the utility of a hallway by setting up a few cabinets, a seat to change your boots, a desk to process the mail, and a pantry for overflow kitchen supplies. They got a Lot of Value and Good Looks in a space that was getting kinda cluttered. They Love It!

Coming in from outside, you see this - Have a seat and take off your boots!


Take a right at the end of the hall you enter the kitchen - those cabinets closest to this door have pull out shelves for pantry items, storage for broom and vacuum, and re-cycling center.

...shows the entrance from outside:


Leave the car keys and mail on the side table! Charge your cell phone Right Here! No more searching for where you left it last. (... And, there is a secret shredder inside the side table to deal with all that junk mail, and to make some nice bedding for Henry, the hampster!)

Hang up your coat! ...and look for your Slippers in the oversized drawer beneath the coats!


One Lonely Puppy...

mudroom 009.jpg

This shot is from the other side of the Living Room, BMRC (Before Mud Room Cabinets), but its the same view now.... Everything nicely integrated with the existing decor.

mudroom 007.jpg

*A thanks to Nantucket Beadboard! (Tell them you saw their product Here!)

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