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BookShelves?! What Kind?!! Oh, yeah... any kind you want...

Well, we have a simple Hutch style... built in as if it was there from the begining, keeping the baseboard and crown moldings consistent around the piece:

2009-03-17 16.25.04.jpg

And another "hutch" style, but minimal and modern enabling her Incredible Ceramic collection to Pop, and to accomodate her over-sized library of Art Books:


Then these two, in the Sedgwick Garden Library at Long Hill, to match the existing elements in the house:


...And another example of creating a comfortable reading space for the owner of this late 18th Century Georgian home in Sudbury - with the Explicit Instructions that it look as if it was there from the begining.


A Mahogany Bookshelf, with fluted stiles and rails - in the Great Room (appologies for the photo, kinda dark):

TOH Living Room Bookshleves.JPG

Building on the idea, one bookshelf that needs to be larger...


These are very tradionally proportioned hallway bookshelves in an elegant modern home with traditional details:

TOH Hallway Bookshelves.JPG

And when you have a Game Room, you gotta have a place to keep your games:

Or if you only have just a little bit of space, put in just a little bit of a bookshelf:

2002-03-12 07.16.13.jpg

This is an example of one customer's idea of separating work from the rest of her life; limited space in her condo, so let's have everything set up for your work, then....

Closet Office.JPG

...put it all away!

Closet Office Closed.JPG

Or, keep it all out where you can enjoy it in a lovely piece of furniture:

2014-09-17 10.51.48.jpg

What are your thoughts about keeping organized? Give us a call... 978-768-7160

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