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For Sale
Interested in selling your boat?

Wise Marine's location is extremely good for selling  your boat, and people driving by are frequently looking for, and thinking about, their next boat.  Rt. 133 (John Wise Avenue) is a National Registered Scenic Coastal Byway.


Check with us if you would like to sell your boat in front of the shop - fees vary depending on the boat, the season, and what you require.  Normal storage fees apply.


Summer or Winter Storage Customers must check with the Office before putting a For Sale sign on your boat.  A "For Sale" sign inevitably causes us to engage with people interested in any boat for sale, and Wise Marine does not want to encourage people to climb on boats without permission.  For these reasons, Wise Marine needs to know in advance of any For Sale sign put on a boat, and will collect a fee for Any items sold from the premises.

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